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Please note that, although the most relevant matches are displayed first, avoiding superfluous words such as "in" or "the" will refine your searches, since all the words you write in the search box are taken into account. If you need to employ phrases, you can by joining the words with underscores. For example, at_night.

Search results are not case sensitive, so it does not matter if you use capital letters or small ones or a combination of both. They are also insensitive to accents.

To have your site listed in the proper category below the Categories in English tab, in the left margin, your site must be Google-free. If it does not have any references to Google's services, you may submit it. Go to the most appropriate category for your site, and you will find the form. Google's followers will have to make a one-time contribution of at least 5 euros.

The listings in the categories have direct and indirect links. When a website has credits, the link is direct; otherwise, indirect.

Please notice that any email sent via a Hotmail/Live/Msn/Outlook account will never receive a reply. However, you may contact us here.

Last but not least, beware of the Big Brother, Mr Google. He is extremely toxic, and may bite you one day.

Thank you very much...


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